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ADZBuzz is a website designed to create wealth and promote business and social networking. It has active members who help each other learn and share experiences to help one another succeed.

It offers an opportunity never since in the social media. The community is currently in the process of re-launching the site and revolutionizing the online business as we know it now.


Reinvent online business?

Online businesses are depended on adverts and publications to generate traffic. However, many users see adverts as a nuisance, especially once they have gotten their desired sites and intend to concentrate on extracting data there from.

As such, they have installed the anti-ad software purposely to block ads. This has lead to denial of much-needed revenues to the publishers.

This scenario is detrimental to both the publisher and the users. ADZbuzz has invented a superb solution to this catch situation; users offer free ADZcoins to the publishers in exchange for the ad-free access to their intended site. The publishers get paid and so they stop bothering users with unsolicited adverts while the users get an advert free page to concentrate on.

ADZBuzz full Passive income

ADZBuzz full Passive income


You mean lifetime income generation?

What is more, ADZbuzz offers the users an opportunity to succeed in their online startups. They will encourage the production of high-quality offers (by the users or their affiliates) and ensure that they create more than sufficient traffic, specifically targeted to the users’ offering so that they are never short of viewers. In fact, it guaranteed unlimited traffic for life.

The publishers and users can they exchange these ADZcoins for real dollar or spend them on various purchase in the ADZ stores.

That’s not possible!

Be prepared. With the current ADZbuzz community of 100K, the plan is to offer the entire slots for sale at discounted offers. This will generate about 50 million page views. As such, the pages visits will translate into over 1000’s clicks per month for single page.

After the launch, ADZbuzz will get multiplied into millions. The users will, in turn, reach about 100 million. With the number, 1 billion page views are surpassed.

This astronomical number will further be aided by the improved ADZbuzz ad server. It is carefully designed to direct viewers to their specific need. It offer several options of smart targeting approaches. It works by directing users to where they want to be instantaneously. Therefore, with the increased clicks, the publisher can slightly increase their cost per click, which currently retails for pennies.

Even with the limited slots, the ad inventory offered by the ad server is huge. Further, it will continue growing. This growth reacts some cascading effect on the traffic volume, which will also increase exponentially.

The experienced users will harness this potential by offering high-quality products, which will turn the traffic into cash. In the case of novice users, they can gain proficiency by joining the ADZbuzz traffic group. The group will provide all the assistance needed to grasp this novel concept; and master it to earn passive income forever.

It will utilize both the free and paid methods to bring the high quality traffic.  All you need to do is to access your landing page for half an hour daily. The free traffic methods of earning will include:

  • Tweeter Marketing:
  • Forum Marketing:
  • Facebook Group:
  • Youtube Videos
  • Other Social Media:
  • Press Release sites
  • Classified websites:
  • Blog commenting:
  • Promote to Affiliates:

On the other hand, the paid Traffic Methods comprise of:

  • Solo Ads
  • Warriorforum Classified
  • Bestblackhat BSO
  • Banner Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Launch a Contest

You can also use a blend of the two methods.



The program is currently giving this product at 50% for only the first 1000 spots means $99 instead of $199 for a guaranteed 100k+ click per month. (One spot allows you to add one Ad). With the trajectory akin that of a space shuttle, this investment will be one of your most valuable for a long time to come. Al payments are made and received in ADZcoin.

If I were you, I would reserve more than one slot.

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