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What is ADZBuzz?

What is ADZBuzz?


  1. ADZBuzz It is a Community

What it is a community? Defined by dictionary “It is a social group of any size whose members share common  characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists”

The ADZBuzz community it is a large group of people with common interest of create a Passive Income. All of them share their earnings, and new strategies to become successful, earning more and faster.


  1. ADZBuzz is A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity.

Did you miss the BITCoin opportunity? Do you know that people who purchase when BTC was exchanged for a few cents, became millionaires when BTC exchange for 600 USD or more?

What are you waiting for? Right now ADZcoin are only a few cents of dollar, but in the near future, due to all the developments the price will rise to the sky.


  1. 100% Risk Free

A risk-free asset has a certain future return. Treasuries (especially T-bills) are considered to be risk-free because they are backed by the U.S. government. Because they are so safe, the return on risk-free assets is very close to the current interest rate.
Source (Investopedia).

Why have we said that is 100% Risk Free? Well, when you purchase any upgrade BUZZER, you will get a cash back immediately and you will receive from 5% up 30% additional to your purchase during some time making this lie interest that will be added to your cash back. When you will get the total amount available you can repurchase a new BUZZER upgrade to repeat the benefits and growing your interests or you can cash out using your own wallet. I will recommend you repurchase until you have enough interests that make you potentially free.

This means using the power of compounding to be freedom.


  1. Daily earning

This is easy to understand as you will receive ADZcoin at the second day of your purchase of BUZZER upgrades.

The daily earnings come from different sources:

“How Does the Cashback Work?
Every day we will evenly distribute the ADZbuzz project earnings with upgraded members. The earnings come from a wide variety of products such as

  • The lifelong advertising offer
  • The notification bar credits
  • The ADZbuzz VIP offer
  • The ADZ payment processor
  • The ADZcoin web wallet
  • The Forum VIP offer
  • The ADZbuzz Marketplace
  • The ADZcoin Cashback Site
  • Many more in progress…

The earnings of the ADZbuzz project will gradually grow as more and more people start using ADZcoin and our platforms and features. This will ensure we can distribute more and more earnings when more and more people buy the ADZbuzz upgrade offer.” Source (ADZcoindesk.com)

You can watch my daily earnings from three days here.

The earnings are daily…


Received Last 24 Hours:
119.58826995 ADZ

July 25 2016

Total Received:
42460.62293714 ADZ



Received Last 24 Hours:
19.35385024 ADZ

July 23 2016

Total Received:
9007.81583913 ADZ



Received Last 24 Hours:
18.48442547 ADZ

July 22 2016
Total Received:
8988.46198889 ADZ


  1. Financial Freedom

According to T. Harv Eker, the definition of financial freedom is

“the ability to live the lifestyle that you desire without having to work or rely to anyone else for money.” Source: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T Harv Eker Facebook Fan Page (retrieved April 2, 2015).

With ADZZBuzz you can be financial freedom, as soon as you will get more and more upgrades generating a daily income that you can exchange for money when you will need.

The value of ADZcoin will rise when all the developments will work and 1000’s of people become members of our community.

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